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What is this all about?

The HikerBiker Pod has been designed as a low capital cost camping unit for landowners that want to offer their clients something a little different. They are perfect near to hiking and biking trails for guests to grab a quick and easy night’s sleep; also great for that fun few days secluded away in the woods or down beside the river. Pods are big enough for two adults to sleep comfortably and come with a fully sprung waterproof mattress. There is a built-in luggage storage compartment and the solar powered lighting and USB charging points are a useful option.

The Pods are manufactured to a high specification with a good decorative finish, so are ready to add to a field, paddock or on a campsite with minimum effort or overheads. Sited on their own for a peaceful night or in a cluster for guests to share some quality time with friends and family, the HikerBiker Pods are wonderfully versatile.

Why did you come up with this?

The HikerBiker Pod has been inspired by our own quest for quick and easy accommodation whilst travelling around the UK and Europe. Like many, we didn’t always want the discomfort and hassle of carrying and erecting a tent along the way, so we came up with this solution.

Can I have some specifics?

Of course, plus if there’s anything more we can help you with, just get in touch via our contact details (here).

Outside the Pod, around the Pod and Construction of the Pod

The Pod is largely built from high quality timber, but also features some other great materials.

Waterproof fibreglass covered roof: The roof surface is sheathed in fibreglass, giving a maintenance free and long lasting waterproof cover with permanent colour. (Choice of colours available)

One-piece top hinge: The top hinge is one piece and firmly fixed with specialist adhesive and sealant.

Lockable door: The hinged roof has a caravan style door handle, with lock, for security and peace of mind.

Gas struts: Powerful high-quality struts from the automotive industry hold the opening side up.

Solid brass hinges: Attractive tee hinges on the Egg door.

Strong legs: Made from rot proof recycled plastic, the legs keep the Pod off the floor at a comfortable sitting height.


Length: 2930mm, Width: 1455mm, Height: 1665mm, Sitting height: 1020mm, Weight: 320Kg

Inside the Pod and finishing the Pod

Decorated and finished to a high specification in a choice of colours, the Pod even has little curtains behind the Egg door windows to help feel cosy and private. We can finish the Pod in a choice of colours to ensure they fit into their new habitat perfectly.

Fan ventilator: A controllable non-motorised high-level fan at the rear of the Pod, with 2 grill ventilators at low level on the front giving cross ventilation to ease condensation.

Storage Facility and shelving: A spacious luggage compartment inside the Pod with an internal access door. A useful shelf can also be found at either end of the Pod.

Mattress: A deep fully coil sprung waterproof mattress for a comfortable night’s sleep. Big enough for 2 adults.

Want that bit extra?

Our optional extra solar panel lighting and USB charging kit includes:

10W solar panel: Pole mounted for best orientation

Dual USB charging: 1A and 2.1A charging ports

Rechargeable battery: Battery discreetly and securely mounted under the luggage compartment

Reading spotlight and mini strip light: Directional LED reading light inside the Pod and a mini LED strip light above the Egg door

Other optional extras include:
  • Decking boards
  • Rubber mats
  • Ground fixing brackets

Where can we stay in a pod?

Great news! You can now stay in a pod at Lakemoor Devon. Check them out here or on their Facebook page!